An Inevitable Curse


An Inevitable Curse


We can’t ignore the sharp surge in racial tensions during the past few years. Between the era of former President Obama, the uproar against law enforcement’s’ maltreatment toward civilians, and even after President Trump occupied the White House. The outcome conceived new civil right movements such as Black Lives Matter and the frequent appearance of hate groups in the media.

Although, civil rights have accomplished a great deal of success throughout history, we are still behind in different aspects. So, what’s really holding the black community back? We are lacking genuine role models, from parents, community leaders, to celebrities. We are missing guidance to our ancestors’ artistic achievements and knowledge about how to preserve such.

We defined and are still practicing an inoperative system that causes a very lethargic upward mobility in the community. The black community has the highest poverty rate in the United States. We are products of our environment, but doesn’t mean that we should conform to it. We are being sold a fallacious image of what we should be; which is detrimental to our characters.

From movies, to certain genres of music, we glorify violence and everything in between that become destructive to our community. Some might argue that it is entertainment, but no one with reason, and a mindset of fortitude is entertained when some of us, specially kids adopt such behaviors in reality.

We adhere to unfavorable behaviors on social media without any shame to display such videos. We contemplate killing, fighting each other, and destroying lives instead of cleaning up the community. We find it more suitable to defame the less fortunate, and to ridicule those who are succeeding or pursuing a better outcome than supporting each other. It has been noticed to an extent that we have a tremendous amount of businesses, including liquor stores, churches, banks, and even schools being built in our own backyard that we don’t even own 1 percent of them.

Meanwhile, the younger generations are lacking any real notions about how to lead, how to plan a better future, or how to cleanse the community. What we have left is a stigma. A stigma about what we evolved to be.

Ghislain Beauplant